Jean-Christophe Introduction

by Romain Rolland

The central character, Jean-Christophe Krafft, is a German musician of Belgian extraction, a composer of genius whose life is depicted from cradle to grave. He undergoes great hardships and spiritual struggles, balancing his pride in his own talents with the necessity of earning a living and taking care of those around him. Tormented by injustices against his friends, forced to flee on several occasions as a result of his brushes with authority and his own conscience, he finally finds peace in a remote corner of Switzerland before returning in triumph to Paris a decade later.

Jean-Christophe PREFACE

Jean-Christophe THE DAWN

Jean-Christophe Chapter I

Jean-Christophe Chapter II

Jean-Christophe Chapter III

Jean-Christophe MORNING

Jean-Christophe Chapter I THE DEATH OF JEAN MICHEL

Jean-Christophe Chapter II OTTO

Jean-Christophe Chapter III MINNA

Jean-Christophe YOUTH

Jean-Christophe Chapter I THE HOUSE OF EULER

Jean-Christophe Chapter II SABINE