Dom Casmurro Chapter 109


At the beginning of the last chapter Ezequiel had not yet been conceived, and by the end he was a Christian and a Catholic. This one is destined to bring my Ezequiel to the age of five, a fine, sturdy lad with his pale eyes darting here and there as if wanting to flirt with all the girls in the neighbourhood or nearly all.

Now, if you take into consideration that he was an only child, that no other came, certain or uncertain, dead or alive, one single, only child, you can imagine the worries he gave us, the sleep he took from us and the frights we suffered with teething and other problems, slight fevers, the whole range of childhood experiences. We had resort to every remedy, according to whether it seemed advisable or needful, something which it is unnecessary to mention, but there are some readers so obtuse that they don’t understand a thing unless you tell them everything and the rest. Let’s come to the rest.