The Painted Veil Chapter 27

Walter was in when she got home. She would have liked to go straight to her room, but he was downstairs, in the hall, giving instructions to one of the boys. She was so wretched that she welcomed the humiliation to which she must expose herself. She stopped and faced him.

‘I’m coming with you to that place,’ she said.

‘Oh, good.’

‘When do you want me to be ready?’

‘To-morrow night.’

She did not know what spirit of bravado entered into her. His indifference was like the prick of a spear. She said a thing that surprised herself.

‘I suppose I needn’t take more than a few summer things and a shroud, need I?’

She was watching his face and knew that her flippancy angered him.

‘I’ve already told your amah what you’ll want.’

She nodded and went up to her room. She was very pale.