The Painted Veil Chapter 67

Next morning Kitty went to the convent. The girl who opened the door seemed surprised to see her and when Kitty had been for a few minutes about her work the Mother Superior came in. She went up to Kitty and took her hand.

‘I am glad to see you, my dear child. You show a fine courage in coming back here so soon after your great sorrow; and wisdom, for I am sure that a little work will keep you from brooding.’

Kitty cast down her eyes, reddening a little; she did not want the Mother Superior to see into her heart.

‘I need not tell you how sincerely all of us here sympathise with you.’

‘You are very kind,’ whispered Kitty.

‘We all pray for you constantly and for the soul of him you have lost.’

Kitty made no reply. The Mother Superior released her hand and in her cool, authoritative tone imposed various tasks upon her. She patted two or three children on the head, gave them her aloof, but winning smile, and went about her more pressing affairs.